‘Fortnite’ back on iOS next week through Nvidia Geforce Now

Chug your jugs on iOS once more

Fortnite is finally returning to iPhone and iPad devices, but it won’t be through the Apple App Store. Instead, it will be available to stream through Nvidia Geforce Now.

The battle royale was removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2020 and hasn’t been available through either storefront since. But starting next week, Fortnite will finally be available to play on iOS devices again through the beta for NVIDIA’s cloud streaming service Geforce Now.

Fortnite still won’t be available to download through the App Store, but if you are taking part in the Geforce Now closed beta, you will finally be able to play it again through browsing on Safari.


This marks the first time the game will be playable on iOS devices since 2020. Android users could download the game through the Epic Games App on the Samsung Galaxy Store or directly from Epic’s website. Fortnite remains unavailable to download through Google Play, though, with it not looking likely to return any time soon.

Fortnite was initially removed from the App Store due to Epic Games offering players the ability to purchase V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, directly from Epic. This led to Epic filing a lawsuit against Apple, which eventually forced the latter to allow alternative in-game purchase options.

Apple recently filed for a stay of the injunction, but it was denied, so the company still must allow the alternative options. But even with the final results, Fortnite still might not officially return to the App Store for up to five years.

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