‘Fortnite’ could be doing a ‘Transformers’ crossover

Epic could be dropping hints in cryptic tweets

A possible Fortnite and Transformers crossover event could be coming soon, as Epic Games is hinting at it on Twitter.

Epic’s Fortnite Status account tweeted “It’s Prime time” for the new update, which saw fans of the battle royale game begin speculating immediately due to the capitalisation of the word “Prime”. This could be referring to the return of Twitch Prime drops, but eagle-eyed players have noticed further hints that align with this being a Transformers reference to Optimus Prime.

Regular Fortnite speculator Shiina noted that Hasbro is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the live-action Transformers film, and that Hasbro and Epic have an already good relationship, having done a G.I. Joe collaboration in the past.


Alongside this, a mysterious structure is currently being built on the map and is already strongly resembling a Transformers-like truck man. Another popular leaker, InTheShade, has revealed that a new mech vehicle is being worked on too, and has its own emotes.

The Fortnite Collision event, which concluded Chapter 3 Season 2, also saw a giant mech and a scene which saw a truck with similarities to Optimus Prime driving in to save the day. That’s not all, as a recent Fortnite survey was made available to players in order to gauge interest on a multitude of series, included mention of Galvatron, a reborn version of Megatron.

With no official word from Epic as of yet much of this is speculation, but given that Fortnite has done crossovers with the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pac-Man and, most recently, Halo, a Transformers appearance certainly isn’t impossible.

In other news, Celeste creator Maddy Thorson is apparently designing a level for a Super Mario World racing community and its special celebrations as it reaches 200 levels designed by fans of the series.

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