‘Fortnite’ could be getting a virtual Ariana Grande concert

The leaker also claims new Justice League and Suicide Squad skins are on the way

New leaks suggest that Ariana Grande will be putting on an in-game virtual Fortnite concert in the near future.

As spotted by GamesRadar, a recent Fortnite Reddit post claims to know a whole lot of upcoming content for the battle royale game, including the supposed virtual concert from Ariana Grande.

According to the leaker, who has previously leaked correct information in the past, the concert will arrive in the game soon and has “already had a test launch done by staff at Epic”.


Along with a virtual appearance of the pop singer, members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad will also be added to the game, although the leaker is uncertain of which characters exactly as it’s “still being cleared by legal”, but the Batman Who Laughs is a possibility.

If this leak is true, the addition of further DC characters to Fornite would align well with the release of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad on July 30, although players will have to wait for confirmation.

Additionally, Epic Games is apparently trying to get Naruto for the Season 8 battle pass which is set to “include a explosive kunai weapon”.

Other various details include upcoming Season and Chapter news, such as the return of The Cube, a Chapter 3 map redesign, rideable monsters and mechs, and more.

Fornite has previously held virtual concerts for singer/songwriters such as Travis Scott earlier this year who reportedly earned $20 million for his appearance,  so it wouldn’t be unlikely for Ariana to make her battle-royale debut.


Ariana Grande has previously collaborated with Square Enix on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and appeared in the game as a pixelated character.

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