‘Fortnite’ dataminers asked not to leak Chapter 3 by Epic Games

Where we leakin' boys?

Some Fortnite dataminers have been saying that Epic Games has been contacting them and asking them to not leak details ahead of Chapter 3’s release.  

As noted by PCGamesN, multiple prominent Fortnite leakers have noted that Epic Games has contacted them and asked them not to leak anything during the 19.00 downtime. Leakers Shiina, HYPEX and iFireMonkey all seem willing to work with Epic to not post leaks, but outlined how they feel about it.

“Personally,” started iFireMonkey in a tweet, “I have been trying to think about how this would work for a bit today and how I feel is that if anyone is able to leak the update I see no reason for me to not post leaks, since no matter what people would be able to post it anyways.”


“We realize why this is an important concern for them and have provided suggestions on how to make their idea work in a good way,” added Shiina.

Fortnite. Credit: Epic Games

So it looks like the dataminers and leakers are willing to work with Epic, although some don’t want any leaks to be public that they can’t also post about.

HYPEX added in a separate tweet: “I’ll most likely do what [Epic Games] said if they’re willing to take this seriously instead of just stopping 2-3 leakers from leaking. I gave them some ideas on how to do it, just waiting for a response.”

The argument here seemingly being that if leaks do happen, having just a couple of dataminers not reporting it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, as people would find the information either way.

Exactly how these leakers are planning to work with Epic, and what might be put in place to stop Chapter 3 from leaking, remains to be seen.




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