‘Fortnite’ adds a shotgun that can kill fully-shielded players in one hit

The powerful shotgun's mythic version is capable of dishing out a huge 250 damage

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has landed, and players have discovered that the game’s newly-added Havoc Pump Shotgun is capable of killing opponents with a single shot.

The Havoc Pump Shotgun arrived today (March 10) and although it dropped with a number of new weapons, the pump shotgun is the one capturing fans’ attention. That’s because, at close range, Mythic-tier versions of the Havoc Pump Shotgun is able to kill other players in just one hit.

As pointed out by Hypex, the shotgun is capable of dishing out a maximum of 250 damage in a single shot. That’s over double players’ base health of 100, and even with a full shield bar bumping that up to 200, the Havoc Pump Shotgun is more than capable of clearing that in one shot.


As the new weapon is a shotgun, players looking to one-shot other squads will need to get very close for a chance at the instant kill. Despite being limited by its range, the Havoc Pump Shotgun’s damage still makes it one of the battle royale’s strongest weapons for indoor and end-of-match shootouts.

The start of Chapter 4 Season 2 has brought a number of guns, vehicles and locations for Fortnite fans to dive into. The headlining feature is Mega City, which has been added to the southeast corner of the map along with a whole new biome.

Outside of the new locales, Chapter 4 Season 2 has also brought a new car and sports bike, the Kinetic Blade melee weapon, and Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle.

There’s also a new Battle Pass for players to jump into, which features Attack On Titan‘s Eren Jaeger as an unlockable protagonist along with a number of all-new characters.

In other gaming news, Total War: Warhammer 3 has been made free to play on Steam this weekend.

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