‘Fortnite’ makes its way to ‘Magic: The Gathering’ with new cards

The Battle Bus will arrive in 'Magic: The Gathering' later this month

Wizards Of The Coast has shared a look at an upcoming Fortnite crossover, which will bring several of the battle royale’s most iconic locations and features to Magic: The Gathering.

Back in 2021, Wizards Of The Coast announced a collaboration with Fortnite, along with titles including Street Fighter, Warhammer 40,000, and Lord Of The Rings.

Today (July 7), the Secret Lair x Fortnite and Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations drops have been revealed (thanks, IGN). The first drop includes seven Magic: The Gathering cards reskinned with a Fortnite twist – for example, Battle Bus replaces Smuggler’s Copter, while Etherium Sculptor becomes Supply Llama. The second drop includes five full-art lands, and both drops feature one secret card that has not been revealed yet.


Magic: The Gathering x Dungeons and Dragons. Image Credit: Wizards Of The Coast
Magic: The Gathering x Dungeons and Dragons. Image Credit: Wizards Of The Coast

Barring the secret card, you can see every card in the main Secret Lair x Fortnite drop – and what it replaces – below:

  • Supply Llama (Etherium Sculptor)
  • Battle Bus (Smuggler’s Copter)
  • The Cube (Planar Bridge)
  • Battle Royale (Triumph Of The Hordes)
  • Shrinking Storm (Wrath Of God)
  • Crack The Vault (Grim Tutor)
  • Dance Battle (Dance Of Many)

Meanwhile, the Landmarks and Locations drop includes Fortnite artwork for Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest cards.

The Fortnite Magic: The Gathering drops will be available to buy from July 21 at 5PM, via Secret Lair’s website.

Wizards Of The Coast is no stranger to producing crossovers for Magic: The Gathering. Back in May, NME exclusively revealed two cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Battle For Baldur’s Gate drop, which released in June.


In December 2021, Post Malone announced the start of a collaboration with Magic: The Gathering, which kicked things off with the return of Friday Night Magic.

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