‘Fortnite’ patch 19.01 adds Super Level Styles and prepares for Winterfest

Patch 19.01 brings new cosmetics and balance changes

Epic Games has published Fortnite 19.01 patch notes, revealing that the latest update has brought balance changes, Winterfest preparations and Super Level Styles for anyone who has already reached battle pass level 100 and beyond.

Patch 19.01 is fairly quiet, however it does add Super Level Styles for outfits added with Chapter 3. Anyone that manages to get past level 140 can unlock the Photo Negative, Scarlet Blackout and Gilded Reality Super Level Styles. These are available for Shanta, Ronin, Lt. John Llama, Harlowe and Spider-Man.

In the patch notes, Epic Games also confirms that Winterfest is set to begin “in only a matter of days”.


Outside of the Super Level Styles, patch 19.01 also makes a small balance change for the Stinger SMG and Hunter bolt-action sniper. Both of these guns will now update their ammo count earlier in the reload animation, giving players a better idea of how many bullets they’ve got ready to fire.

The 19.01 patch notes also make sure to clarify the details of a hotfix that was implemented last week, which actually had more substantial balance changes than 19.01 itself. This included buffs to the Striker pump shotgun, Auto Shotgun and Ranger assault rifle, while the MK-Seven assault rifle has been hit with reduced accuracy and environmental damage. In one last balance change, Guzzle Juice will now heal players up a bit faster.

There are also a couple of bug fixes – the biggest of which re-enables split screen after it was disabled. Patch 19.01 has also fixed issues with some over-bearing screen shake and Reboot Vans not working properly.

In other news, League Of Legends has delayed a skin based on Arcane after players said it was not worth the price tag. To address the feedback, Riot Games has delayed the skin’s release until some more effects have been added.