‘Fortnite’’s PC exclusive pack ‘Street Shadows’ is currently free

Become Ruby Shadows for free

A newly announced Fortnite Challenge Pack, featuring a Shadow Ruby skin, is currently free to all PC players in a promo for the Epic Games Store.

Featuring a Ruby Shadows Outfit, Shadow Slicer Pickaxe and the Sky Shadow Glider, the Street Shadows Challenge Pack is only available on PC as part of a new promotion.

The latest Epic Games Store sale means that the pack can be claimed for free until June 18.


Each challenge rewards the player with an item from the pack. To obtain the glider, a player must outlive 500 other players. Dealing 1000 damage will reward players with the pickaxe.

The Ruby Shadows skin is a reward for completing all the challenges, one of which includes playing five games with friends.

Although the Pack won’t remain on sale from June 18, players that have already claimed it will be able to complete the challenges in their own time. They can also be progressed using any platform once they are purchased from the PC store.

Epic Games clarified in a blog post that “in order to redeem this offer, you must be able to launch Fortnite, navigate to the Item Shop tab, and collect the Challenge Pack. You do not need to be able to launch onto the Island”.


The cosmetics available in the Pack will eventually come to the Item Shop, but will cost V-Bucks to purchase this way.

In related news, a leaked Fortnite document has revealed Epic Games’ supposed plans for high-profile in-game concerts featuring Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

The 94-page document dates back to June 2020 and was released as part of Epic’s ongoing lawsuit against Apple.

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