‘Fortnite’ player recreates ‘BioShock”s Rapture in the battle royale

Is a man not entitled to his victory royale?

You can now explore BioShocks art deco utopia of Rapture in Fortnite, thanks to the work of one player using the game’s creative mode.

Creator FluxCapacimoose uploaded a two-minute video of their creation on August 10, even going as far as to include the level code in the video title, so anyone can easily take a trip under the Atlantic Ocean at the submerged city (via PCGamesN).

FluxCapacimoose made another tribute to Rapture last year, which you can check out here. The newer video can also be watched below.


The creation is so well made that in-game sound effects, advertisements, and the entire feel of Rapture are recreated almost verbatim. You can even say “welcome to the circus of values!” as well.

“I thought I’d make another tribute to one of my favourite games of all time – BioShock – and make another, up-to-date map that hopefully captures the look and feel of Rapture,” wrote FluxCapacimoose.

This second version of the map was made because of the improvements to Fortnite’s Creative mode, like the Sky Dome, new lighting devices and city building, which helped FluxCapacimoose make an even more accurate depiction of BioShock.

Fortnite. Credit: Epic Games /

Last month NME writer Andy Brown talked about why, after 15 years, BioShock is still one of the most atmospheric and desperate shooters around. “The constant fear of another Big Daddy catching you empty-handed means that you need to get creative with your everyday violence,” with Brown adding that “BioShock rarely lets you off the back foot, but a comprehensive toolkit means your back never truly hits the wall – as long as you’re smart.”


Whilst official, unlike this creation, Fortnite is also set to crossover with manga and anime series Dragon Ball next week, after months of leaks and rumours about the crossover were making the rounds online. Exactly what the crossover entails remains to be seen, although we can likely expect skins of famous characters like Goku and Vegeta, alongside some new modes and unlocks as well.

In other news, Capcom veteran producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who worked on Resident Evil games and Dragon’s Dogma, has left the developer for NetEase.