‘Fortnite’ players are experiencing mysterious alien abductions as Season 7 looms

'Fortnite' players are discovering that the truth is out there.

Fortnite players are reporting a string of in-game alien abductions, suggesting that the next season may be exploring the extraterrestrial.

First experienced on Tuesday (May 25), players have been raring to share their close encounters with the third kind. UFOs seem to be randomly selecting players to abduct at the beginning of a match, scooping them up with a tractor beam, and depositing them elsewhere on the map.

Aside from transporting people across the map, these UFOs are also kind enough to fully restore an abducted player with full health and shields.


Further reports claim that many of these abductions deposit players at Colossal Crops, where mysterious crop circles have been appearing since Monday.

These abductions add further evidence to the theory that Epic Games are planning something out of this world for Fortnite‘s next season of content. Chapter 2: Season 8 begins next Tuesday, June 8th, and appears to be ramping up to an all-out alien invasion.

The ‘foreshadowing’ quests that started in May have carried players across the battle royale on a space-themed search for the truth, including repairing telescopes and investigating spooky broadcast signals.

On top of that, Season 7 teasers appearing across social media appear to be playing mysterious all signs so far have definitely been pointing to the involvement of aliens.


This isn’t the first time that aliens have been spotted on the map. At the start of the year, characters from the Alien franchise – Ripley and a Xenomorph – were introduced as skins for players to purchase.

At this point, an alien invasion in Fortnite seems par for the course – previous seasons have been marked with similarly dramatic occupational hazards, including a volcano eruption and an asteroid impact.

Meanwhile, Fortnite made over £3.6billion in profit in its first year, documents reveal.

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