‘Fortnite’ removes Travis Scott emote from store after festival tragedy

The emote has been removed after a tragedy at Scott's Astroworld festival

Epic Games has removed a Travis Scott emote from Fortnite’s daily store after a tragedy at Scott’s concert on Friday.

The Out West emote featured licenced music from Travis Scott and Jackboys, alongside the other items that make up Fortnite’s daily store. However, that part of the store is now unavailable. Epic Games acknowledges the removal with a tweet that said, “It’s known that the “daily” section of the Item Shop has been disabled. This is intentional, and the “Daily” section will return with the next Item Shop refresh.”

As Eurogamer notes, the tweet does not address why the store was removed. The announcement comes after a tragedy occurred at the Travis Scott music festival. Astroworld is held annually and is organied by Scott in Houston, Texas. During Friday’s opening night performance, eight people died, and more than 300 were injured. This was reportedly caused by fans getting past an entrance without tickets and filling the venue to dangerous levels.

The emote was likely added to Fortnite’s store to coincide with the end of the Astroworld Festival, but the rest of the event was cancelled after the incident.

Fortnite fan’s agreed with Epic Games’ removal of the emote from the store. However, there is nothing to stop players from using it or the in-game Travis Scott skin. Some players have asked for a temporary block on the items to prevent them from being used, however, Epic Games has yet to comment on this.

In other news, Nvidia’s Audio2Face technology generates facial animation from sound files. It does this using neural networking to read a sound file. The system works with several languages, but further improvements will likely come as it is now in beta for developers and not a full release.