‘Fortnite’ tweet suggests Tilted Towers could return tomorrow

Party like it's 2019

Epic GamesFortnite has slowly been thawing out its new map, and it appears that tomorrow could see Tilted Towers emerge from the ice.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 began with a new map, but much of it was covered in ice. As the season has progressed, it has been gradually thawing, and it appears that the next phase is about to begin. As reported by TheGamer, it seems the next location to be revealed could be the return of Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers was a point of interest in Fortnite’s original battle royale map and was one of the most popular landing zones for those looking to get into a quick fight. It was later replaced and has been absent from the game since 2019.


The next location to thaw out is Frosty Fields and is expected to disappear tomorrow. The Fortnite Twitter account has hinted that Tilted Towers could be buried beneath the snow. The tweet said, “one more sleep,” followed by an emoji of tall buildings.

Fornite has been absent from iOS platforms since it was removed from the Apple App Store during a lawsuit between Apple and Epic. However, the title is returning to the platform via Nvidia GeForce Now. The platform allows users to stream games to their mobile devices, and the battle royale is one of the titles on offer. Currently, the service is only available in beta but can be accessed via the Safari web browser.

In other news, Activision Blizzard has dismissed more than three dozen employees and has disciplined about 40 more since July 2021. CEO Bobby Kotick held back the news of these actions, as he believed that the report would make people believe the company’s problems “seem bigger” than they are.

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