‘Fortnite’s chapter 2 finale event has been revealed

Last chance to trade in your goods before The End

Fortnite‘s second chapter is coming to a close and Epic Games has revealed a teaser trailer for the event to take place at the finale coming December 4.

Epic Games announced in a blog post that The Cube Queen will be the antagonist in a one-time only special finale event titled ‘The End’. Players will be able to team up in squads up to sixteen to take down The Cube Queen on December 4 from 9pm. This means the season will then end a day earlier so players who log in from now until the event can claim a 225,000XP reward.


In addition to this players who engage in the battle against The Cube Queen will receive a special loading screen and wrap. Once ‘The End’ event begins players will not be allowed to change their settings or record the replay so they must ensure they are prepared before they start their battle.

Epic also urges Fortnite players to prepare before the chapter 2 finale begins. Players can take part in a Power Leveling Weekend from November 26 to November 29 and receive bonus XP. Starting from November 30, Epic will launch Bargain Bin week where all character services and exotic item trades are cheaper so that bars can be spent before they are lost at the end of the season.

Several quests will also become unavailable after ‘The End’ event begins. This includes completing The Cube Queen’s page one and two quests and collecting colour bottles and rainbow ink to unlock Toona Fish styles. These bottles and ink must also be traded in before the event or they will disappear.

Players should also choose items to redeem with their Battle Stars now as after December 4 they will automatically redeem the earliest ones available. Quests from packs such as the Graveyard Drift Quest will remain available into the next season.

In other news, Amazon Games the company behind New World wants to focus on how to make the game more fun for solo players.

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