‘Forza Motorsport’ will introduce “car building-focused single-player career mode”

The rebooted series will include over 500 cars at launch

A new deep dive video for Forza Motorsport was shared yesterday (January 25) with developers promising “the most technically advanced racing game ever”.

The rebooted Forza Motorsport was announced back in 2020 and was said to include 4K graphics and ray-tracing. A five-minute video showing off the game was shared last year and last night, as part of the Bethesda and Xbox Developer Direct, Turn 10 Studios offered a deep dive into the racing game.  

According to creative director Chris Esaki, the “next generation of Forza Motorsport” has been “built from the ground up to take advantage of the Xbox Series X/S console”


“This is the most technically advanced racing game ever made,” he added.

Developers went on to reveal that at launch, Forza Motorsport will feature over 500 cars for players to collect, race and customise. The game will also feature over “800 unique upgrades” while over 100 of those cars will be making their Forza Motorsport debut. “It’s the most modern race cars we’ve ever featured on our roster,” said Turn 10.

The studio has also overhauled the graphics to give the game much more realism, while the immersive soundtrack is also bespoke, giving players “a new level of sonic depth and authenticity”. 

Forza Motorsport will launch with 20 environments “built from the ground up for this generation” and featuring ten times more detail than previous games. The environments will include “iconic fan favourites as well as five new locations” including Kyalami, Motorsport’s first South African track.

Forza Motorsport is truly a generational leap ahead, with unmatched visual fidelity and authenticity,” continued Turn Ten before teasing an “incredible new online racing mode” as well as an “all new car building-focused single-player career.”


Despite rumours, there’s still no release date for Forza Motorsport though Turn Ten have said it’s due out Spring 2023 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass and Steam.

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