‘Foxhole’ developer announces logistics changes after a month of in-game strikes

There's a chance that these 'Foxhole' changes will bring a month-long general strike to an end

Foxhole developer Siege Camp has detailed some of the changes to logistics it will be implementing to the game, over a month since a union of players launched an in-game strike to protest the state of logistics gameplay.

Last night (February 23), Siege Camp held a developer stream that outlined what would be coming to Foxhole next. This includes changes to logistics within the game, which has been the subject of contension within the game’s community. Last month, an in-game union called L.O.G.I. launced a general strike – which is still ongoing – to protest issues with logistics infrastructure.

Some of the logistics changes that have been announced include an increased amount of ‘unstuck’ uses per war, quicker pull times, and other changes designed to make playing a logistics role less cumbersome. Several of these changes seem to specifically address the ten point open letter that L.O.G.I. sent to developers in January.


On L.O.G.I.’s involvement in the recent changes, a Siege Camp developer said that “we overall appreciate how the [logistics] community has conducted themselves. It has resulted in positive outcomes and their feedback has contributed to Update 48.”

Foxhole. Credit: Siege Camp.

“While this is a great result for logistics players, there are still deep seated structural issues with logistics gameplay. This is without a doubt a positive step towards addressing the community’s concerns however,” said General, a L.O.G.I. organiser.

Though these changes do not mean that the logistics strikes will end immediately, L.O.G.I. will be holding a meeting later this week to determine if it will continue its general strike or wind it down.

“Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken part in this unique process and community, and helped secure these necessary changes! Solidarity worked,” added General.


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