‘Foxhole’ ends second longest war with logistics union likely to continue striking

The second longest war in 'Foxhole' history was prolonged by an ongoing logistics strike and other issues

Foxhole has concluded its latest war after 35 days and 17 hours of combat, making it the second-longest war in the game’s history. Ahead of War 88, an in-game organisation of logistics players have shared that further strikes look likely.

Foxhole‘s latest war – War 87 – concluded on February 16, and was just 24 hours short of becoming the game’s longest war.

War 87 was so long because of a mix of issues, including the Logistics Organisation for General Improvement (L.O.G.I.) holding an in-game logistics strike to protest issues with logistics in the game.


Yesterday (February 17), L.O.G.I. held a meeting to discuss their plans moving forward. An organiser going by Knight said that recent strikes in Foxhole made the game’s frontlines “a nightmare to supply” and added that this has caused areas of conflict to frequently change hands between the game’s two opposing factions, Wardens and Colonials.

Another speaker, General, said that “there was no response” to the strike from Foxhole developer Siege Camp, and subsequently outlined three options for L.O.G.I. moving forward. These options include continuing general strike action, ending the strike, or voting on a new option entirely.

Foxhole. Credit: Siege Camp.

“Any action that we take is entirely flexible,” added General, explaining that any decisions made can be revisited at a later date.

As it stands, L.O.G.I. looks likely to continue striking within Foxhole. At the time of writing 338 players have voted to continue the logistics strike, with 70 players voting to end the strike for now and another 115 players preferring to revisit different options.

This poll remains open and the results are not final, and General explained that the poll “will be repeated whenever there is a material change to circumstances, I.E. the devs engage with the issues, [logistics] changes are made to the game, or a new war begins.”


On that subject, General said it’s “disappointing” that Siege Camp has not yet communicated with players, and said that “any response, no matter how trivial” would elicit discussions within L.O.G.I. on how to proceed.

We’ve reached out to Siege Camp for comment, but they did not immediately respond.

In other news, EA has denied blaming Halo Infinite for issues surrounding Battlefield 2042.

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