‘Foxhole’ players can now dig actual Foxholes in new update

This major update has also expanded the map by 60 per cent

Isometric MMO shooter Foxhole now gives players the ability to dig actual Foxholes in a digging mechanics overhaul.

The Foxhole update, titled Entrenched, will completely revamp the digging mechanics, allowing players to make new defensive shapes and add useful upgrades to their trenches. These include searchlights, sandbags, barbed wire, and radar facilities.

The update also expands the map by 60 per cent, adding 14 new hexagon regions. The additional space means that up to 3,000 players can now be supported, making Foxhole one of the biggest multiplayer war games available as it stands.


The Entrenched update adds plenty for Foxhole’s more logistical players to experiment with. This includes the ability to create new uniforms that can protect from bad weather or even counteract enemy intelligence, as well as a bunch of new infrastructure for builders to create.

The patch notes for Foxhole mentions that “new tools, modifications and customisation options will enable builders to be more creative than ever before when designing their bunker bases and trench networks in the future”.

Intelligence centre buildings can now be “deployed to intercept enemy transmissions” and thus provide a tactical advantage in the war. There are also new rifle, machine gun and anti-tank pillboxes available to build.

In other news, The Halo Infinite technical preview has included a glitch that allows players to beat each other up with a flurry of melee punches.


The glitch is an infamous one for the series having appeared in Halo 2 and 3 in the past. It works by using the X or Y button to cancel animations for reloading or changing weapons leading to players being able to repeat a melee attack far faster than they should technically be able to do.