Free game ‘Spookware’ offers a horror movie twist on ‘WarioWare’

Then who was phone?

Inspired by WarioWare, Spookware tasks players with surviving a variety of common tropes in the horror film genre.

Created by Adam Pype with sound made by Viktor Kraus, Spookware describes itself as “WarioWare meets horror-tropes” and features a variety of levels based on a host of spooky tropes and cliches.

Levels include abducting cows with a tractor beam, frantically trying to start your engine before something reaches your car and answering an old fashioned phone only to hear an ominous dead line.


Each task requires completion before the timer runs out – as PC Gamer notes, Spookware can be very fast paced to begin with.

Spookware currently asks players to pay as much as they would like for the game, however it can also be downloaded free of charge.

The game is currently available with ten unique levels plus one bonus level, and a full version with an expanded roster of “over a hundred microgames” will be available on Steam later this year.

The Steam page for the upcoming full release of Spookware says that players can “join the three skelebros – Lefti, Midi and Righti – on a grand road trip through the cutesy world of the dead.”

Microgames in the full release will range from “frantically decapitating some poor guy’s head to filling your taxes” and will include a mix of rhythm and puzzle games.


The full release of Spookware is planned for later in 2021 – you can take a closer look or add it to your Steam page here.

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