‘Frostpunk 2’ announced, is set 30 years after the original

An official release date has yet to be confirmed

11 Bit Studios has announced the Frostpunk sequel to its 2018 survival, strategy game while also revealing a brand new CGI trailer.

Frostpunk 2 takes place 30 years after the apocalyptic blizzard storm while Earth is still overwhelmed by the icy climate of never-ending frost.

The player takes the role of the leader of a resource-hungry metropolis where the expansion and search for new sources of power is an unavoidable reality.


“What we aim to deliver to players is an experience that goes vastly beyond that of the original Frostpunk,” said Jakub Stokalski, co-Director on Frostpunk 2. “With a still-growing team of nearly 70 people, we have more manpower available to focus on all aspects of the game from the scale, the production value, and the quality of UX, but our ambition is to do more than a straight-up sequel.

Stokalski continued: “What players should expect is a wide universe of choices, the freedom to shape the society and the city however they see fit – and reap the consequences. Frostpunk 2 builds on the conflicts of its predecessor – survival vs human values, life vs the arctic frost.

“But most importantly, it adds a new layer that is present in many aspects of the game – be it politics, society or technological progress – the conflict between humans and their nature”.

Frostpunk 2‘s Steam page is now live and can be added to your wishlist, while an official release date is set to be confirmed.

11 Bit Studios teased the project back in June with a teaser video, but it can now be confirmed that that project was Frostpunk 2.


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