Game developer gets ‘Doom’ running on an ATM

Rip and tear

An Australian game developer has hacked up an ATM and got it in a position where you can play Doom on it.

Louie Roots is best known for SK Games – an alternative game distribution service – as well as a series of physical video game installations and the Melbourne-based Bar SK which put games and alcohol into one spot.

You can see it in action below.


Roots, who closed Bar SK during the pandemic, found the ATM in an abandoned destination restaurant that closed down in 2012. Seeing as he was the same developer that once travelled the world making games out of weird components he couldn’t resist trying to get the classic game working on it.

“I was curious how it worked and one day I spent my lunch break exploring the old components, and of course I wanted to get Doom running on it, because why not. It’s not really for any event, but it’ll probably end up at the next one I organise.” said Roots of how he put it together.

Doom on cash machine
The ATM originally looked like this. Credit: Louis Roots.

“I needed to change out the screen, luckily I could find a replacement with the same aspect ratio, and in order to use the gorgeous metal alloy PIN pad I needed to cut up the board behind it and wedge in a bunch of mechanical keyboard switches. I’ve also upgraded the card reader to NFC, although I don’t have any reason to use that yet. I think my favourite part is the original fluorescent tube behind the CashConnect sign.”

Roots is eventually planning to turn the ATM into a jukebox for his house. “I want all my albums stored digitally on there, and a stack of little credit cards with the album artwork printed on them, so you can flick through them like tiny records and insert the one you want, which will trigger a code in the computer and it’ll queue up that album.”


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