Game developers are creating a charity bundle to support Ukraine

"What we do as game developers can have a very positive effect on the world"

Game developer Brandon Sheffield has announced the “Bundle For Ukraine”, a collection of games from different developers that will donate its proceeds to charities that treat victims within the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Yesterday (February 28), Sheffield announced that Necrosoft Games has opened submissions to its Bundle For Ukraine.

Russian forces attacked Ukraine on February 24, and an ongoing invasion attempt has claimed the lives of an estimated 210 civilians.


As spotted by PCGamesN, the bundle will donate all of its proceeds to two charities that are currently providing support in Ukraine – Voices of Children and International Medical Corps.

So far, Bundle For Ukraine has attracted support from numerous indie developers, but Sheffield notes that Necrosoft Games will be “reaching out to higher profile devs to get some hot stuff in this bundle to entice those who are simply buying to buy.”

Submissions will be open until this Friday (March 4), and the bundle itself aims to launch on March 7 for buyers. That being said, Sheffield notes that some late submissions will be accepted for the bundle.

The bundle’s contents will not include any free games, which Necrosoft Games says is due to the fact that “some folks will be buying this bundle because of the “value” for better or worse”. The studio adds that including free games would also “dramatically” increase the vetting process for putting the bundle together.

On why the bundle is being put together, Necrosoft Games says it’s “an international team split across Europe and the US, with friends in Ukraine, and teammates directly affected by Putin’s regime.”


Citing past charity-oriented games bundles, the studio adds that “what we do as game developers can have a very positive effect on the world.”

In other gaming news, World Of Tanks developer Wargaming has fired its creative director after they shared public support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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