Watch this ‘Super Mario Galaxy 2’ speedrunner break a world record live at Games Done Quick

The world record was set live on Tuesday

A Twitch streamer has set a new world record for speedrunning Super Mario Galaxy 2 during a Games Done Quick stream.

The record was set by Twitch star Jhay. Jhay managed to beat their own pre-existing record at the speedrun of the game by just over four seconds. The streamer did this live on stream for the event yesterday (January 10).

Jhay set the record while taking on Mutantsabyss, Hardcoregaming, and Supervipert302 in a speedrunning race. Jhay’s Any% with Bank run – a reference to the Bank Toad who is required to unlock the game’s final galaxy – was completed at 2:54:51.33, which was 4.4 seconds faster than his previous record of 2:54:55.


Jhay celebrated his new record by tweeting in all caps: “I just got WR live at GDQ in front of 80k people how in the actual universe. I have peaked in life. Galaxy forever.”

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been one of many speedrunning events taking place during Awesome Games Done Quick. The event is running all this week on Twitch.

Other notable events include runs of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Games Done Quick runs until Sunday (January 15). All proceeds from viewer donations are aimed towards benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


As GDQ is a charity event there are several bonus games that will be speedrun if certain fundraising goals are met. These include Portal, a 50-minute speedrun of Resident Evil Village‘s recent Shadows Of Rose expansion, Stray and Mario Kart 8.

However, GDQ 2023 will be the last event held by founder Mike Uyama, who is leaving the organisation this year.

Uyama held the first GDQ in his mother’s basement in 2010. After 13 years of keeping the tradition alive, the founder plans to look for a “new adventure” elsewhere.

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