Gareth Coker opens up on ‘Halo Infinite’: “Fans will be very interested to see how we use past material and expand upon it.”

Halo Infinite’s score will capture the original while building upon it.

Gareth Coker, composer of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and its predecessor, has opened up on his work for the upcoming Halo Infinite during an interview with NME.

Speaking about his work for Halo Infinite, Coker opened up about the potential pressure that comes with such a beloved series.

“It’s not that I don’t feel pressure, but because the original material is so strong, it’s like you’re building on the strongest possible foundation,” he said during an interview with NME.


Coker’s last projects gave him complete freedom, so Halo Infinite is a change for him.d

“The challenge was that Halo is the first time I’m stepping into someone else’s creation, so it’s been about learning the vocabulary and understanding why people like the original Halo music in particular. Fans will be very interested to see how we use past material and expand upon it.”

Given that Bungie’s score is such an iconic part of Halo’s history it is not surprising that a lot of effort will be required to invoke the same emotions. Coker describes this as “just like learning a whole new language”.

“And normally I’m the one creating the language. I guess people will just have to wait and see how far we expand on the original Halo material – I definitely cannot say any more than that!”

Key to this process is ensuring that the gameplay matches the music: “There’s nothing better than playing games when the right music plays at the right time”.


“If you think about melee combat, some are really chunky and heavy, and in other games it’s going to be really fast and precise.”

The full NME interview goes into depth about how Coker believes you need to play a game to write music for it.

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