‘Genshin Impact’ content updates to arrive every six weeks

miHoYo has released a roadmap for the free-to-play game

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has outlined the roadmap for its newly released free-to-play game.

Although the game has only been out for two weeks – it was released on September 28 for PS4, PC, Android and iOS – miHoYo has already announced a series of events and content updates heading to the game, which was already garnered over at least 17million downloads.

In a blog post on its official website, miHoYo revealed that content updates for Genshin Impact’s foreseeable future will arrive every six weeks, up until at least February 2021. The updates will feature a theme and arrives with unique events, activities and more.


The first update, dubbed the ‘Unreconciled Stars’ event, is set to launch on November 11 alongside patch 1.1. A second update will be delivered on December 23 to introduce the Dragonspine area and its related event. The last update, called the ‘Lantern Rite’ event series, is estimated to be released in February 2021.

In addition, miHoYo also announced that future updates of the game will also include different events in the Mondstadt and Liyue regions. The events are set to “combine the unique cultural and calendarial features of in-game regions with dates in the real world”.

Last week, miHoYo confirmed that it is planning to bring Genshin Impact to next-gen consoles. A company spokesperson said that the studio is already working on a next-gen version of the game “and we will update everyone accordingly at a future date”.

However, the rep also confirmed that the company does not have plans to make it available on any Xbox consoles as of yet.

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