‘Genshin Impact’ finally gets confirmed September release date

It’s long been referenced that the game is a ‘Breath Of The Wild’ clone

The Breath Of The Wildinspired RPG Genshin Impact has finally received a confirmed release date for next month.

Players will be able to dive into the anime world and explore a vast, magical world from September 28. The open-world RPG will be available on PS4, PC, Android and iOS devices.

Genshin Impact will support both solo and co-op play, the latter being cross-play that will be available across all devices. Anyone who pre-orders the PS4 version will also receive exclusive items including the Sword of Descension and Wings of Descension.


Set in the world of Teyvat, players control the Traveler, who is embarking on an adventure to uncover the disappearance of their lost sibling. Being both a single-player and multiplayer experience, players can embark on quests with friends, discover secrets and engage in fast paced action-RPG combat, which is heavily based around using elemental attacks.

The new trailer to accompany the news provides a look at the stunning anime art design and the game’s immersive story that players will venture on.

Check out the release date trailer below:

Various betas for the game have taken place over the last few months and developer miHoYo have listened to fan reception and aim to build Genshin Impact to become the best experience it can possibly be.

“We will continue to listen to player feedback and further improve the PS4 version, constantly optimising and stabilising the game to upgrade its technical performance and bring players a better single and multi-player experience,” technical director, Zhenzhong Yi, revealed in a press release.


“More features are in the development pipeline. A soon-to-come version will greatly enhance the rendering of characters, and the scenery will also be improved.”

While players may be enticed by the game’s Breath Of The Wild inspired gameplay, fans may not have to wait long, as it’s been heavily rumoured that The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword could be returning as a Nintendo Switch port.

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