‘Genshin Impact’ may have beaten ‘Fortnite’ for most profitable first year

Estimations combined with official statements suggest a winner

MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact has made more money in its first year than any other game, according to a Reddit user.

Reddit user Otaku_Rune32 has used data collected from various sources to determine the amount of money Genshin Impact made in its first year of release. Genshin Impact is a free to play game that uses microtransactions and has received consistent content updates since its release.

The Reddit user’s estimation has some margin for error because many developers don’t want to announce their exact sales numbers. However, they have determined that Genshin Impact made at least £1.7billion. The high-end estimate is at £2.5billion. This puts it just about Fortnite, which made between £1.7billion and £2billion in its first year, according to Otaku_Rune32.


A second graph was released which compared Genshin Impact’s profits to the top-earning gambling companies for 2020. It placed 8th, just below Bet365.

Otaku_Rune32 explained how they reached these numbers in the comments. MiHoYo confirmed that it had made about £1.5billion in sales just through Google Play and the Apple App Store. This does not consider the amount earned from Genshin Impact’s PC, PlayStation, and third-party storefronts. While the Reddit user understands that their estimate may be high,  they are confident based on the sources they used.

Another graph shows how Genshin Impact compares to other games. Even at the low end of the estimation, Genshin still matched Fortnite for the most profitable first year of any game. It is closely followed by GTA V and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Animal Crossing: New Horizons sits at fifth, with Red Dead Redemption 2 following.

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