‘Genshin Impact’ shares a character demo for Kujou Sara

"To strike your foe takes unity between mind, arrow and bow"

Mihoyo has shared a character demo for Kujou Sara, an upcoming character in Genshin Impact revealed earlier in the Inazuma storyline and will arrive in update 2.1.

In a new video, Genshin Impact fans can look at what Kujou Sara will bring to the game when she arrives on September 1. Kujou Sara will be a four-star, bow-wielding character that will use electro to fit a supporting role.


On an official blog post with the character demo, Mihoyo states Kujou Sara “invokes the power of electro to strike down any enemy, be it deity or demon”. The video description adds more:

“To ensure that the will of the Shogun will always be done, and to assist the Almighty Shogun in manifesting Eternity. This is not only Kujou Sara’s duty but also her sincere desire.”

When Kujou Sara launches with update 2.1 – Floating World Under The Moonlight – she will arrive with another three five-star playable characters, including Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. The other two characters are a hydro mage and healer Sangonomiya Kokomi and electro polearm-wielding Raiden Shogun.

The update will also bring plenty of new content, including treasure hunts, cooking competitions and the ability to fish in locations all across Teyvat. Finally, update 2.1 will include a variety of events set to celebrate Genshin Impact‘s first birthday.

In other news, Humankind developer Amplitude Studios is working on bringing modding tools to the strategy game, acknowledging that the initial timing of the feature “did not work out as we had planned”.


To ensure that the community gets modding tools as soon as possible, an early version of the tools will be delivered “as soon as possible”. Still, it will have “more limited capabilities than what we would like to achieve.”