‘Genshin Impact’ studio is “working on” fixing a ransomware exploit

"We're currently working on this case, and will find a solution as soon as possible"

HoYoverse is aware and working on a fix for a ransomware exploit tied to Genshin Impact, but there’s currently no word on when the problem will be solved.

The ransomware exploit – which uses malware to essentially lock off computer files and hold them ransom for payment – apparently uses Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat to deploy itself.

In terms of an incoming solution, HoYoverse recently responded to GamesRadar about the ransomware issue, explaining that it is currently looking into a fix and the best course of action.


“The HoYoverse team takes information security very seriously. We’re currently working on this case, and will find a solution as soon as possible to safeguard players’ safety and stop potential abuse of the anti-cheat function. We will keep you posted once we have further progress,” reads the statement.

The actual ransomware deployment was outlined by Trend Micro, which said one of Genshin Impact’s anti-cheats was being “abused to bypass privileges.”

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo

Elsewhere, a Genshin Impact demake has shown off what the game could look like if it was a turn-based RPG with pixelated graphics. The short clip even attempts to show off some potential game mechanics as well.

The project features options to attack, use elemental skills, a team-up attack, items, defend, and flee. The enemy’s health bar and current playable characters’ stats are shown off too. The short clip shows Aether using the ‘Starward sword’ team-up attack which executes an attacking animation, until both Zhongli and Keqing appear to deliver high-powered follow-ups.

“Thank you so much everyone,” wrote freelance pixel artist OhoDavi in response. “Sorry I can’t answer all the comments. For the first time in my life, my art is liked by so many people…”


In other news, Hangar 13 has confirmed that it is working on a new entry in the Mafia franchise, with more news to come in the future.

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