‘Genshin Impact’ teaser confirms playable Thoma in update 2.2


MiHoYo is already releasing new teasers for Genshin Impact update 2.2, confirming Thoma will be playable soon.

Ahead of the release of update 2.1, the developer of the free-to-play RPG has released multiple posts via Twitter showing off one of the latest characters to be added to the game.

Thoma, the “Protector From Afar”, is a Pyro user who wields a polearm and was first introduced during the introductory quests of update 2.0 with the release of the new Inazuma region.


As Thoma is a side character it’s unclear whether or not he will be a four-star or five-star character when his banner is eventually added to the game.

Genshin Impact‘s update 2.1 is set to launch on September 1 and will introduce Kujou Sara as a playable character. Kujou Sara will be a four-star bow-wielder who uses an electro Vision and was previously revealed during the Inazuma storyline in 2.0.

MiHoYo revealed that Kujuo “invokes the power of electro to strike down any enemy, be it deity or demon” as she assists the Raiden Shogun.

When Kujou launches with Floating World Under The Moonlight, she will be accompanied by three five-star playable characters including Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, the hydro mage healer Sangonomiya Kokomi as well as the Raiden Shogun, an electro polearm wielder.

2.1 will also include a host of events to coincide with both Genshin Impact‘s first anniversary and the Chinese mid-autumn Moon Festival, as well as a new fishing mechanic.


Despite Genshin Impact requiring players to unlock and complete the quest to access Inazuma, one player was able to break into the region while underleveled, using a creative ‘Kaeya ice-bridge trick’ to cross the ocean and bypass the level requirement with a much lower Adventure Rank 9.

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