‘Genshin Impact’ to restore anti-aliasing options on PC after player backlash

"As an image quality purist, I absolutely despise what they've done"

The 3.2 update for Genshin Impact has changed the anti-aliasing options on PC, and some players aren’t happy about it – describing the changes as a “downgrade.” In response, developer HoYoverse has pledged to restore some of the game’s previous anti-aliasing settings.

The 3.2 update made anti-aliasing optimisations on all platforms, however players on PC have encountered a platform-specific change to how the game handles its anti-aliasing options. As the patch notes point out, after optimizing the Anti-Aliasing function, it will be possible to choose between ‘None’ or ‘FSR 2.” FSR2 is the latest version of AMD’s Fidelity Super Resolution tech.

The introduction of FSR 2 has come at the cost of the game’s previous anti-aliasing options, with players forced to choose between using FSR 2 or no anti-aliasing at all. The previously available TAA and SMAA options have been removed, and players are complaining that the change has negatively affected the game’s performance on their PCs.


“My game now looks jagged, oversharpened, and pixelated around strands of hair,” said user Yaver7 on Reddit. “It’s an eyesore, I absolutely hate it, and I cannot fathom why they would REMOVE the other options. As an image quality purist, I absolutely despise what they’ve done.”

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo

It’s worth noting, however, that FSR 2 actually benefited some players, depending on which processor they’re using and what resolution they’re playing the game on. However, it seems that removing the alternative options is what has upset players, not the addition of FSR 2 itself.

In response, HoYoverse has pledged to restore SMAA in a future update, though provided no information about a potential return of TAA or a sharpness slider for FSR. Pledged to come in a “later update”, the game’s anti-aliasing options will be updated to offer “None,” “FSR 2” and “TAA.”

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