‘Genshin Impact’ update 2.5 will make looking for certain artifacts easier

Update 2.5 will make trawling through your artifacts easier

According to a recent datamine, Genshin Impact update 2.5 is going to make hunting through artifacts a bit easier for players looking for a specific stat.

As shared on Twitter by dataminer sai (thanks, Dexerto) some UI changes look set to arrive in Genshin Impact with the launch of update 2.5 in February.

Sai has said that within the update 2.5 beta, some files reveal that when sorting artifacts, players will soon be able to sort them by two attributes as opposed to just the one.


“For instance if you wanted to find a crit rate circlet with the highest elemental mastery substat, you can now do that easily,” explains sai.

The change will likely be welcomed by Genshin Impact fans who spend significant amounts of time artifact farming, as it makes trying to sort through lists of loot much easier if they’re looking for a certain combination of attributes.

According to sai, there are a few other changes intended for update 2.5. This includes an extra two columns added to the inventory, another “minor QOL change to artifact filtering”, and some more audio settings added.

Although fans still need to have around a month left to wait for update 2.5, there’s still plenty of content to explore within the recently-released update 2.4. MiHoYo recently showcased a new character demo for Yun Jin, who players can now help with rebuilding the Jade Chamber.

Update 2.4 also brings five-star character Shenhe, who has the power of Cryo Vision and comes from a clan of exorcists.


In other news, EA is “investigating” reports that high-profile FIFA 22 traders are being hacked, and has suggested players check their support page for information on keeping their accounts safe. One hacking victim said EA’s statement is an “absolute disgrace”, adding that many victims already had two-factor authentication enabled.