‘Genshin Impact’ Update 2.7 has been delayed

Following a series of COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai

MiHoYo has delayed Genshin Impact‘s upcoming Update 2.7, stating the release date has been postponed due to “project progress”.

Based on data mined information, we know the update is supposed to bring Kuki Shinobu on a banner in the second half of the update cycle, which is usually three weeks after the release of the first half (thanks, PCGamesN).

The update was likely delayed partially due to severe COVID-19 lockdowns that have been imposed in Shanghai, where MiHoYo is based.


Updates are usually released on a regular six-week development cycle, however MiHoYo has said it “will provide the corresponding information to Travelers as soon as possible.”

Game features like decorating and building in the Serenita Pot have also been under maintenance for several weeks.

In other Genshin Impact news, the Ayaka Banner is back until May 10, which will see a huge increase in the drop-rate of five-star character “Frostflake Heron” Kamisato Ayaka.

Genshin Impact festival
Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo.

The event also sees a significantly increased drop rate for four-star characters “Wolf Boy” Razor (Electro), “Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria (Cryo), and “Mujina Ninja” Sayu (Anemo).


Genshin Impact is available on iOS and Android as well as PC and PS4, and a PS5 version was released last year with updated visuals and faster loading times.

In other news, Arm China finally ousts their rogue CEO two years after the first attempt.

The company’s CEO, Allen Wu, was ousted by the board two years ago, but he managed to cling to his position due to centuries-old business practice in China, where he possessed the company’s seal stamp, allowing him to ignore anything the board requests.