‘Ghostrunner’ gets a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade

Slash and Dash in 4k 120fps

Publisher 505 Games is bringing Ghostrunner to next-gen consoles, and given current gen owners a free upgrade.

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk sword-based combat game with high-speed wall running and deadly enemies. It released last year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with a Nintendo Switch version available via eShop in November.

505 Games has revealed that PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game will be releasing on September 28. Free upgrades will be available to any players who have previously purchased the PS4 or Xbox One version of the game. Fresh purchases will cost £24.99.


The upgraded version will include all previously released content such as the hardcore mode and an upcoming assist mode that makes the game more accessible. Other additional modes confirmed in an press release are the “Kill-Run” timed mode and a photo mode. 4k support, 120FPS, and instant loading are going to be included.

3D audio, a ray-tracing fidelity mode, HDR, and new haptic feedback for the PS5 DualSense controller are also part of the release. If you would rather play the game on the move then the Nintendo Switch version is available digitally, with a physical copy to release on June 25 in Europe and June 29 in the U.S.

In their 3-star review for NME, Alan Wen said Ghostrunner was “just the thing to appeal to hardcore players looking for their next masochistic hit, especially when a single hit means a swift death”.

Earlier this year 505 games announced that Ghostrunner 2 is in development by One More Level, the developer of the original game.


In a press statement shared via the game’s official Twitter account, 505 Games’ parent company Digital Bros Group has doubled its investment for the creation of Ghostrunner 2, giving the sequel an initial budget of 5million Euros.

The press release also confirms that the game will be coming to next-gen consoles “by the end of 2021”.