‘Ghostrunner’ Project_Hel expansion will let you play as a boss

Take the other side this time

Stylish cyberpunk first-person slasher, Ghostrunner, is getting a new expansion pack very soon. Called Project_Hel, it lets players take control of one of the game’s bosses in six new levels.

Originally planned to be a much smaller form of downloadable content (DLC), Project_Hel has now grown into a much larger full expansion pack. Players can control Hel, Ghostrunner’s second boss, as she fights new enemies and bosses. In contrast to the main game, Hel is working her way down Dharma Tower while Jack – the main character – was working his way up.

A teaser trailer highlights a little of what to expect from the always stylish game.


Set for release on January 27, there’s a bit of time yet to wait for Project_Hel. Fortunately, a free Holiday Pack is available from December 7 which should entertain players for a while. That adds cosmetic content such as Rudolph’s Run and Boon sword, a Solstice katana, and a Nini Wonderland blade. There are matching gloves for each weapon too.

Ghostrunner has been frequently updated with an Assist mode added in September as well as a Wave Mode which allowed players to cut down randomised waves of enemies. It has also been upgraded to include 4K support and 120fps for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S owners.

A sequel is currently in development for all consoles, although there’s no word yet on when we will see it.

In other gaming news, Battlefield 2042 is currently suffering from server issues following a recent substantial update. DICE is currently looking to fix the issue.


Elsewhere, an upcoming Dark Souls mod titled Dark Souls: Nightfall has now been moved to have the original release date of Elden Ring next January. The fan-made mod will feature new armour, weapons, NPCs, enemies, and levels.