‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ developer Ikumi Nakamura is starting a new indie studio

The announcement came in a new mini-documentary profiling her career

Ikumi Nakamura, formerly of Tango Gameworks, has revealed that she is starting her own indie game studio.

As reported in Play Diaries, the announcement came via a new mini-documentary from YouTube channel Cutscenes.

In the video, Nakamura discusses her 16-year career in the games industry, from her first job working on Okami at Capcom before spending nine years at the Bethesda-owned Tango Gameworks where she was the creative director of Ghostwire: Tokyo.


She also talks about her feelings of first presenting the game to the world back at Bethesda’s E3 conference in 2019, where viewers were instantly won over by her personality.

The full 17-minute documentary can be viewed below:

Nakamura left the Tango Gameworks later that year, which she also revealed was due to health reasons in the documentary.

“When you get ideas and work in a team, there can be some problems that come with it, it arrived to the point it got on my health,” she said. “You can’t make games if you’re not healthy. I started wondering whether there wasn’t a way for me to make games while feeling better. I took the decision to quit before it was too late.”


After traveling around the world to visit other game studios to “learn what made a good working environment”, she confirmed towards the end of the documentary that she has started a small studio and also wishes to recruit foreign developers.

Although the studio’s name was not revealed, she hints that her new game will be “full of dark jokes”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is due for release this year on PC and PS5, and is still being honoured as a PlayStation exclusive following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.