‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ director wants to make DLC and a full-fledged sequel

Director Kenji Kimura says that "nothing has been decided yet" however

Ghostwire: Tokyo director Kenji Kimura has expressed interest in making downloadable content (DLC) and a sequel for the horror-tinged action game, but notes that “nothing has been decided yet.”

Speaking in an interview with IGN Japan (translation via GamesRadar), Kimura discussed Ghostwire: Tokyo, and his interest in making a sequel:

“I think that when things calm down a bit more, and when I’ve cooled down a bit more, I’ll have ideas for DLC and sequels, and I’ll want to make them,” said Kimura. “Nothing has been decided yet, so I can’t tell you anything more than that.”


GhostWire: Tokyo
GhostWire: Tokyo. Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Ghostwire: Tokyo released in March of this year, offering up a sprawling rendition of Tokyo for players to explore. It went heavy on the horror, and featured its own melee combat system. In our 3-star review of the game, we said:

“If you have the will to tune out the endless open world guff, what you’ll find here is a satisfying single-player experience that nods at the spiritual while offering a deep dive into Japanese culture, both modern and historic.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo was something of an oddity when released. It is both a PlayStation console exclusive and a Microsoft-owned IP. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, more and more games have been held back for Xbox exclusivity, so if there is a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo someday, it’s possible that it won’t be going to PlayStation consoles.

This is something that players will see with the upcoming release of Starfield, which is an Xbox exclusive for console owners. Read more about Starfield here.


In other news,  a Dead Space developer stream is set to premiere this week, and will show off the game’s art direction.

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