‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ gets March release date with gorgeous showcase

'Ghostwire: Tokyo' fans don't have long to wait

A release date for Tango Gameworks‘ long-awaited supernatural thriller Ghostwire: Tokyo has been confirmed, along with new gameplay videos and more.

Bethesda has announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo will launch on March 25 2022 for PC and PS5.

Tango Gameworks has also shared a 20 minute showcase breaking down what fans can expect from the game, in a video that provides the most detailed look at the game to date.


Ghostwire: Tokyo is set in a modern-day Tokyo where the vast majority of its residents have disappeared. Shortly after the mass disappearances, your character – Akito – is forced to face an invasion of supernatural beings and urban legends. Although not every spirit will be evil, Bethesda says that most of them will be. In the gameplay video below, fans can see what combat with these spirits will entail.

To survive, Akito teams up with the ghost of a detective called KK, who grants Akito his own set of supernatural powers. According to Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s Steam page, these powers will be upgradeable over the course of the game and will eventually let players “ascend to the top of Tokyo’s skyline and soar over the streets to discover new missions.”

“Discover iconic landmarks like Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower, stunningly rendered with incredible detail and built to take advantage of next-generation technology. Experience the city frozen in time when the city’s population disappeared, and travel to the surreal underworld on your quest to save your family,” the page elaborates.

In NME‘s hands-off preview of Ghostwire: Tokyo, we said that it feels like “an intriguing exploration of Tokyo”, and spotted a glimpse at “the imaginatively surreal adventures that could lie ahead”.


In other gaming news, the US government has recommended that Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser receives five years of prison time.

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