‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ releases visual novel, set six months before main game

The free prequel to the game is out now on PS4 and PS5, with a PC release to follow

Bethesda has released a prologue to Ghostwire: Tokyo in the form of a free visual novel set six months prior to the events of the game.

The free download is available now for PS4 and PS5 with a PC version set to drop next week (March 8).

Prelude follows KK, a detective who is investigating mysterious phenomena and discovers “urban legends coming to life”. KK is the spirit that lead character Akito teams up with in Ghostwire: Tokyo.


“In Ghostwire: Tokyo, a mass vanishing whisks away nearly every living being in the once-packed streets of Tokyo. Supernatural beings from myths and folklore take over the city and the lines of reality are blurred. To better understand how Tokyo got this way, let’s rewind the clock and see the city before everything descended into chaos,” reads the announcement.

According to director Kenji Kimura, “by having people experience and enjoy the events that occurred before the events in Ghostwire: Tokyo through a different genre made by a different team, it could help open up and widen people’s interpretations of the world and universe we’ve created.”

Scenario writer Takahiro Kaji added that . KK is a veteran, accustomed to the situation, working within his realm of expertise and there’s good teamwork with Rinko’s group.”

“By understanding KK a little better through Prelude, the player would be able to gain more perspective and see another side to KK’s dialogue in Ghostwire: Tokyo.”


Ghostwire: Tokyo will launch on March 25 after being delayed from late last year.

In a hands-off preview of Ghostwire: Tokyo, NME said that it feels like “an intriguing exploration of Tokyo”, and spotted a glimpse at “the imaginatively surreal adventures that could lie ahead”.

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