Giancarlo Esposito says ‘Far Cry 6’ character Anton Castillo “obviously” based on Fidel Castro

The actor, Giancarlo Esposito, plays dictator Anton Castillo

During a segment in the Summer Game Fest, actor Giancarlo Esposito shares that his performance in Far Cry 6 is “obviously” based on Fidel Castro though denies that his character, Anton Castillo, is a villain.

When asked who he studied and based his character on, Esposito answered “The obvious choice to study is Fidel Castro and it is Cuba”

While talking about his own character in the game, Esposito shares that “There’s good and bad in all people, but this guy, out of love and passion for his people – even if they’re faceless to him at certain points in time – allow him to be an absolute hero.”


His answer seems to hint that at least one person working on Far Cry 6 is taking Cuba as inspiration.  While an interview given to The Gamer originally claimed that Far Cry 6 wasn’t political, Ubisoft later clarified the statement by saying that they didn’t want to make a statement about the situation in Cuba with the game, although they do state that the game is political.

Narrative director Navid Khavari quickly corrected course and affirmed that Far Cry 6 is “absolutely” political and will examine topics like “the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free-and-fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights, and more within the context of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean.”