‘Gloomhaven’ is coming to consoles in 2023

The board game adaptation released last year on Steam

Publisher Asmodee Digital has announced that Gloomhaven is finally coming to consoles in 2023.

Gloomhaven, which launched on PC via Steam last year before eventually leaving early access, is a dungeon crawler board game adaptation featuring co-op play and turn-based combat. Now, it appears that Saber Interactive will be taking on the console port, although Flaming Fowl Studios developed the PC version (via, Eurogamer).

“We’re excited to bring Gloomhaven to new players around the world with Saber Interactive,” Asmodee Digital CEO Pierre Ortolan said. “Partnerships like this are one of the great advantages we have available to us now as part of Embracer Group, and we look forward to tapping into even more opportunities to deliver for our fans in the future.”


Gloomhaven‘s console version has yet to receive an official release date or platforms, but its possible fans could see the game released on current-gen consoles.

“Our partnership on Gloomhaven embodies the very reason we brought Asmodee into the Embracer family,” said Saber Interactive CEO and co-founder, Matthew Karch. “Games are truly a transmedia experience, and it’s amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s best board game makers to bring their IP to consoles. This is the first of many announcements of its kind to come.”

Elsewhere, it was recently announced that Saber Interactive will also be developing the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake alongside Aspyr. During the company’s recent quarter four Embracer Group report, Matthew Karch revealed that both studios will be collaborating to remake the classic 2003 title.

“Saber has tremendous expertise in creating these types of products,” Karch said. “We’ve done it on Halo – on multiple Halo products – so we’ve been spending a lot of time working with them to bring this title over.”

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