‘God Of War’ PC port adds accessibility features that will improve ‘God Of War Ragnarok’

New features “really laid some groundwork in the backend."

God Of War has added new accessibility features to its PC port that have allowed Santa Monica Studio to improve the upcoming sequel in the same way.

As reported by PCGamer, UX and accessibility lead Mila Pavlin said that adding the new options has “really laid some groundwork in the backend,” and will allow for even greater settings in God Of War Ragnarok.

“A lot of accessibility features require that you change your pipeline of how you’re creating content. [The PC port] allowed us to go back in and relook at how we were actually constructing some of the underlying code.”


An example of this is a new auto-run feature. Previously sprint was bound to the left thumbstick and required it to be pressed in, however, this is difficult for some. God Of War’s PC port includes a feature that allows players to set a threshold for how long a key should be pressed before Kratos starts sprinting without extra input.

“Working on things like keyboard remapping allows us to actually look at how that pipeline functions overall, and carry that forward through all of our SMS products,” Pavlin said. “So that will help us to build a better foundation to work off of in future products.”

The changes included in the PC port was only the things that could be done easily but has allowed Santa Monica Studio to alter the ways that they create content to further emphasise accessibility in future.

In other news, a new trailer has been released for Person 4 Arena Ultimax, which shoes the port in action. After a brief stint in arcades, the game was initially released for the PS3. It will soon be ported to the PS4, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch. The port was announced as part of Atlus’ 25th anniversary of the Persona franchise celebration.

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