‘God Of War: Ragnarok’ has had its accessibility options revealed by Sony

This follows a trend of Sony’s first-party titles having extensive accessibility options

The upcoming God Of War: Ragnarok may not have a release date, but Sony has revealed a slew of accessibility options expected with the title when it releases.

A blog post from earlier today (May 19) shows off the accessibility options, which follows a recent trend from Sony’s first-party studios where they include a whole host of accessibility options for players.

Firstly, the accessibility features from 2018’s God Of War PC port will be included in the PS4 and PS5 sequel, meaning that auto sprint, an always-on reticle, hold or toggle aim stances and hold or toggle shield stances will all be available when the game launches.


God Of War: Ragnarok will also vastly improve the subtitle and captioning options, with text size, colours, speaker names, in-game cinematic sound effect captions, subtitle background blur and directional sound indicators all being added.

God Of War: Ragnarok state of play
God Of War: Ragnarok. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

User Interface icons can be resized and multiple preset controller layouts can be chosen, whilst individual buttons can be remapped as well. High contrast mode can also block off certain characters, items or objects in the world as certain colours to help players identify them, with players also able to select their own colour palette.

Many other assists with things like navigation, traversal, and audio cues will be added to the game as well, according to the post.

The release date of God Of War: Ragnarok wasn’t mentioned in the post, with the last anyone heard of it coming from the game’s animation director, who said it’s still set for this year.

Late last year developers from both Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog talked about the importance of accessibility in the games industry, with both studios adding them into recent games.


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