‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Jotnar Edition pre-orders scalped with £600 resale price

Scalped Jotnar Edition copies of 'God Of War Ragnarok' are going for over £300 more than Sony's original asking price

Pre-orders for God Of War Ragnarok opened in the UK today (July 15), however the game’s Jotnar Edition has already been targeted by scalpers who are re-selling the game for up to £600.

The Jotnar Edition of God Of War Ragnarok is priced at £229.99 from legitimate retailers. However, Ebay shows a multitude of Jotnar Editions that are being resold for over £550, with several scalpers asking for £600. As it stands, the cheapest listings on Ebay are still over £300 more than Sony‘s recommended asking price.

This is made worse due to the lack of retailers selling Jotnar Edition in the UK, making it harder for buyers to find a legitimate seller. A message on Game’s online store says the company is out of stock for Jotnar Edition versions of Ragnarok, after the company sold out in minutes. However, PlayStation Direct‘s own pre-orders have not opened yet.


Aside from these two places, it does not appear that Jotnar Edition versions of Ragnarok will be sold at other retailers in the UK – which means fans could struggle to pick up a version without resorting to paying ludicrous re-sale prices or high shipping costs.

God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok. Credit: Sony Santa Monica

Besides a copy of God Of War Ragnarok, the Jotnar Edition comes with a 16 inch replica of Thor’s Mjölnir hammer, Brok’s dice set, a 7 inch vinyl, and more collectables.

The game’s collectable versions were announced earlier in the month, along with a November 9 release date for God Of War Ragnarok.

Prior to the release date being revealed, Sony Santa Monica had to ask fans to stop harassing developers for details on the game’s launch.

In other news, Survios is working on a “single player action-horror” Aliens game, and will share more details at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21.