GOG plans for more classic games and improved Galaxy in 2022

In a galaxy far, far away

GOG has outlined some of their plans for 2022, including improving the overall platform experience and increasing its activities around classic games.

In a blogpost, GOG discussed the most recent update that has provided users is their improved catalogue. Users are now able to customise their searches more easily, such as sorting and filtering games by price and release date, and genres and tags. They also reintroduced the all-time bestsellers sorting option.

GOG also wants to improve upon users’ experience with GOG Galaxy. Currently, GOG wants to make the main view in GOG Galaxy “more dynamic and live.” One such plan they have is to show what is happening on the platform, which they pointed out happened during their Winter Sale. They also plan to test more of these features in the coming weeks, which you can experience if you have the experimental features and updates option turned on in settings.


GOG storefront. Credit: GOG.

Before releasing features, they will also be asking users to test their ideas and to share feedback. But some surprise features are also planned to be released later this year.

GOG also plans to live up to their namesake, Good Old Games, and bring a renewed focus on older classic games. What this means is articles and interviews about older titles, dedicated sales and special deals, and adding more “classic games we all miss.”

While no specific upcoming titles were referenced, they used Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Star Trek: Armada I & II as examples of the kinds of games they plan to bring to the store.

In other news, Danny Trejo has been revealed as an in-game guest character in the upcoming skateboarding arcade game OlliOlli World. “I’m one of these quirky characters in this new skateboarding action platformer coming for PC and your favorite console. I’ll see you at the terrific side-quest I’m hosting!” Trejo announced on his personal Twitter.

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