GOG removes ‘Hitman’ from its store after complaints

"We shouldn't have released it in its current form"

GOG has removed Hitman from its storefront after complaints and review bombing caused by online requirements.

GOG is a storefront that prides itself on offering download rights management (DRM) free games. This means that the games can be played offline and don’t make any online checks to evaluate ownership. However, they recently added IO Interactive‘s Hitman on the platform.

Hitman can be played entirely offline, but a large amount of the content requires an active connection. The escalation missions, elusive targets, and community made contracts require an online connection. Most importantly, new equipment, starting location, weapons, and outfits all need an online connection to unlock.


A warning was displayed on the Hitman store page. Users complained that it didn’t belong on the storefront because of how heavily it relied on an active connection.

A member of the GOG team posted on the forums saying, “Thank you for your patience and for giving us the time to investigate the release of HITMAN GOTY on GOG. As promised, we’re getting back to you with updates. We’re still in dialogue with IO Interactive about this release. Today we have removed HITMAN GOTY from GOG’s catalogue – we shouldn’t have released it in its current form, as you’ve pointed out,” they added.

“We’d like to apologise for the confusion and anger generated by this situation. We’ve let you down, and we’d like to thank you for bringing this topic to us – while it was honest to the bone, it shows how passionate you are towards GOG.”

When Hitman was released on the store, it was hit by a slew of negative reviews. It had a score of 1.4/5. GOG then began to filter the reviews to reduce the visibility of negative responses. They said at the time that this was because they did not tolerate review bombing but appreciated the feedback.


Elsewhere, Outer Worlds developer Obsidian turned down a previous offer before accepting Microsoft’s bid.


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