‘Gran Turismo 7’ State of Play will reveal new footage this week

30 minutes of new footage and gameplay details

A Gran Turismo 7 State of Play is coming on Wednesday and it promises just over 30 minutes of new PlayStation 5 footage.

Sony revealed the news on a blog post and tweet shared earlier today (January 31), though not many details have been announced just yet. The official PlayStation Twitter account unveiled a 30 second video showcasing a little of what to expect from Gran Turismo 7. Basically, fast cars, good looks, and some stunning race tracks to drive down.

The PlayStation blog post promises new footage as well as gameplay details for Gran Turismo 7 on Wednesday. It will be possible to watch live on Twitch or YouTube so it should be easy to catch up on. The event begins at 10PM UK time/2PM PT/5PM ET. That means many fans will need to stay up late to see what will be announced.


It’s expected that we will see more of the modes and features contained in Gran Turismo 7 although no specific details have been released yet.

Gran Turismo 7 is likely to offer over 90 tracks according to a leaflet distributed in a major Japanese electronics retailer. It is also expected to include 420 different car models as well as “realistic weather and scenery”.

The game is also expected to have the most tuning parts in the series’ history which should satisfy tinkerers. It’s not all great news for the game though with the single-player campaign requiring an internet connection to play.

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