‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ gets console ray tracing and new missions

The new patch also includes fresh missions and story options

A new 1.64 update for Grand Theft Auto 5 means ray tracing is now available on the game’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

The new patch also includes fresh missions and story options, but its main takeaway is the introduction of ray-traced reflections in 30fps Fidelity Mode and the ability to see characters, vehicles and buildings in reflections.

It comes after Rockstar Games reportedly removed content from Grand Theft Auto Online and the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 that could be considered transphobic.


Last month, it was reported that a Captain Spacetoy doll with “interchangeable genitalia” was removed from the expanded and enhanced version of GTA Online.

And earlier this month, Kirsty Cloud took to Twitter to note that “Rockstar appears to have disabled the trans caricatures or ‘drag queens’ from spawning outside Cockatoos.”

See the full list of updates on the 1.64 GTA5 update here.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V Trevor
Grand Theft Auto V. Credit: Rockstar

Looking into the future, Rockstar has confirmed that “active development” on Grand Theft Auto 6 is “well underway”.

Back in September, a huge leak then saw over 90 videos and screenshots from GTA 6 surface online, following a reported hack. Rockstar then confirmed that the leak was legitimate but that it wouldn’t cause any delays to the schedule or development of the game. Rockstar shared that it did not anticipate “any disruption to our live game services nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects.”


A 17-year-old from the UK denied using his phone as a tool to gain access to Rockstar’s private files and servers in a court hearing, with the publisher then insisting that the leak “won’t have any influence on development”.

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