‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’ will launch with DLSS

All you had to do was upscale the damn resolution

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will launch with Nvidia‘s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), allowing players to make their game look better with less of an effect on performance.

In a blog, Nvidia has revealed that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy fans will be able to utilise DLSS if they have a Geforce RTX graphics card, desktop or laptop.

DLSS allows players to run games at a much lower input resolution, as the software then uses a neural network to upscale the resolution to higher levels. As put by Nvidia, DLSS can “boost frame rates significantly” while creating “sharp images for your games”.


Nvidia has also said that it will showcase Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy utilising RTX hardware at “a later date”.

Grand Theft Auto 3: The Definitive Edition
Grand Theft Auto 3: The Definitive Edition. Image credit: Rockstar Games

Outside of DLSS, Nvidia’s blog also reiterates the differences between the original titles and the remasters, describing “across-the-board enhancements” that include “new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto 5-style controls and targeting, and much more.”

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is set to launch digitally on November 11, with physical editions aiming for a December 7 release. The remastered trilogy will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Within the trilogy, GTA: San Andreas The Definitive Edition will be available on Xbox Game Pass from November 11, while GTA 3: The Definitive Edition will go over to PlayStation Now from December 7.


In other news, the full launch of eFootball 2022 has been delayed. Initially planned for November 11 – the same day as Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – version 1.0 has been pushed back to spring 2022. Furthermore, all Premium Player Pack pre-orders have been cancelled, and Konami has said that refunds will be issued automatically.