‘Grounded’ 1.0 gets release date and it’s the game’s “biggest update ever”

Obsidian is celebrating the game's second anniversary

It was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June that Obsidian’s multiplayer title Grounded would finally be leaving early access in September, and now the 1.0 launch has a release date. 

The announcement came via a post on the official Grounded Twitter page, that featured a video of director Adam Brennecke announcing the game would be launching on September 27 in celebration of the game’s second year anniversary. The last update to the game’s early access release is also available now.


Brennecke states that the team is currently in the process of putting the “final touches on everything”, and that it will be the game’s “biggest update ever”. The director also teases “a lot of surprises and a lot of mysteries” ahead of its release, and it will “fully uncover why you’re in the backyard, and how you’ll get out of this mess”.

The most recent public test 0.14.0 update includes several additions: pet gnats, cookery building, the ability to convert games to custom games, and a revamp to armour and weapon upgrades. There’s a full list of patch notes that gets into all of the details, and also states that “The “Save Game” interface now allows importing Steam saves into the Windows Store version of the game.”

As of February 2022, the multiplayer survival game had reached 10million players overall, with the title being available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Obsidian also has a few other titles in the works, including Pentiment (which is slated for a November release), Avowed, and the sequel to its 2019 role-playing game, in The Outer Worlds 2

In other news, former Xbox executive Peter Moore revealed in a recent interview that Microsft pushed for console wars against Sony during the Xbox 360 era in order to drive competition.