‘GTA 5’ fixes long loading screens and other bugs for console versions

If you were inexplicably banned from 'GTA 5' recently, this patch may fix things up

Rockstar has released patch notes for GTA 5 update 1.56, a patch for current-gen versions of the game which addresses several performance issues and miscellaneous bugs.

Released yesterday (April 26), update 1.56 primarily focuses on fixing issues with GTA 5‘s performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles – though there are still certain fixes aimed specifically at PS4 and Xbox One versions.

As detailed in the latest patch notes, there are plenty of changes which should result in GTA 5 running noticeably smoother – including the removal of several issues that were causing buggy loading screens.


An issue that was causing extensively long loading screens between Story Mode and GTA Online has been fixed, so players shouldn’t have to wait so long to jump into online play. Similarly, switching characters in Story Mode was also taking too long, but this has also been fixed.

Update 1.56 has also fixed “several crashes” for GTA 5, as well as a black screen bug that made bringing last-gen characters over to current-gen impossible for some players. An issue where players were getting stuck on the Rockstar logo when booting up the game has also been addressed.

Grand Theft Auto V. Credit: Rockstar.

Within the game itself, several audio bugs have been fixed that appeared whenever players visited The Diamond Casino or tried to call Mors Mutual, while missing radio audio on Xbox versions has been restored.

The patch notes also add that some players have been receiving false permanent ban messages, while others were having their GTA Online progress left unsaved. Both of these bugs are now fixed, however it’s unclear if there’s a way for players to restore any lost data.

Update 1.56 includes a significant amount of other bug fixes, and further details can be found via Rockstar’s patch notes.


Earlier in the month, GTA 5 and GTA Online received a separate update which removed transphobic content from the game. UK-based advocacy group Out Making Games – who originally requested the content be removed – has praised the decision, and claimed it can “have a huge impact” on the way that players see trans people.

In other gaming news, League Of Legends patch 12.8 has been detailed, and it brings big changes to Swain.

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